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Carbon credits from your own backyard

We create carbon credits
by deferring timber harvests.

Sky Harvest pays timberland owners not to cut trees they would have otherwise cut.

The trees then remove more carbon from the atmosphere. We create carbon credits verified by third-parties and sell the credits to businesses as carbon offsets.

Our unique approach brings future impact into the present.

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Incremental revenue

Carbon revenue to help you accomplish your goals for your land

No upfront cost

Zero cost to the landowner; we'll cover the cost of the baseline timber inventory

Flexible deferral

You decide how long to commit to deferral (minimum five-years)

Verified Carbon Credits

Verified Credits

All carbon credits verified

by a Verra-approved

third-party auditor 

Made in the USA

Support local family foresters wanting to do the right thing

Remove CO2 From Atmosphere


Remove CO2 from the atmosphere while reducing carbon emissions

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